Brad Pitt Debuts Furniture Collection

Brad Pitt

"She's still naughty in sexual ways. I mean, this is not exactly an angel of mercy."

The actor and design buff partners with Frank Pollaro on a dozen pieces to be unveiled Nov. 13.

Brad Pitt has long harbored an affinity for architecture and design. Now the actor-activist-father of six can count himself as a designer with the launch of his new furniture collection next week.

Pitt collaborated on a dozen pieces -- including tables, chairs and a bed with a tropical-hardwood frame that took two years to make -- with Frank Pollaro, a furniture maker based in New Jersey who specializes in Art Deco style. The collaboration will be revealed Nov. 13-15 in New York, according to Architectural Digest, which posted a photo of the two working together at the shaggy-maned star's French chateau.

The customizable designs will be available "in numbered editions or limited production and signed by Pitt and Pollaro. Though Pollaro declines to discuss specific figures, he notes that his prices are 'typically at the highest end of the custom-furnishings scale, and these will be up there, even north of that,'" the magazine reports.

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"I've been doodling ideas for buildings and furniture since the early 1990s, when I first discovered [Charles Rennie] Mackintosh and Frank Lloyd Wright," Pitt says. "Actually, I found Wright in college, when looking for a lazy two-point credit to get out of French. It forever changed my life."

A collector of modern and contemporary furniture, Pitt regularly works alongside architects for his Make It Right Foundation to rebuild homes in New Orleans' Lower Night Ward.

Several years ago, Pollaro took notice of Pitt's sketches while installing a desk commissioned by the actor. "I asked him, 'Why don’t we make some of this stuff real?' Brad said he thought that could be fun," he recalls.

The pair have established a fine rapport. In his interview with Architectural Digest, Pitt confesses he's "bent on quality to an unhealthy degree" and praises Pollaro as embodying "the same mad spirit of the craftsmen of yore, with their obsessive attention to detail. It just so happens Frank and I speak the same language. And we both have a predilection for far too much wine."

Besides furniture-creating, Pitt is spinning multiple plates of late. He's the spokes-celebrity for Chanel No. 5 (see: Saturday Night Live's highly amusing parody) and, last week, he donated $100K to support the Human Rights Campaign's marriage equality efforts. As for acting (multi-tasker! over-achiever!), his latest film, Andrew Dominik’s Killing Them Softly, premieres Nov. 30.