Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon Compete Over Who Is a Bigger Gentleman in Food Exchange

Brad Pitt Jimmy Fallon Split - Getty - H 2019
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The 'Ad Astra' star and 'Tonight Show' host tried to outdo each other by sending over various, increasingly ridiculous dishes at a restaurant.

Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon got competitive over who was the bigger gentleman on Thursday's episode of The Tonight Show.

The segment opened with Fallon sitting alone at a restaurant. After a waiter brought him a drink, he explained that it was "courtesy of the gentleman at the bar." The camera then zoomed in to show that the mysterious man was Pitt.

To repay Pitt for the drink, Fallon sent another beverage over to the actor. "Courtesy of the gentleman at the table," said the waiter before Pitt lifted the glass to thank Fallon.

Pitt continued the exchange by ordering Fallon a scorpion bowl with steak and a side of fries. In an attempt to outdo Pitt, Fallon sent over a large seafood tower to the actor.

Fallon later received a pyramid of Ferrero Rocher. After he angrily took a bite from the dish, he sent Pitt an edible arrangement of fruit. Pitt sniffed the fruit before he sent Fallon a tall stack of pancakes.

The host continued the exchange by sending Pitt 30 hot dogs on a platter and a bucket of tater tots, while Pitt sent Fallon a whole coconut with a mini hammer to open it. Other exchanged food items included a whole sub, one red M&M, astronaut ice cream, calcium chews, toothpaste with orange juice, hibachi shrimp and a three-tier wedding cake.

Pitt eventually asked the waiter if he could order for himself. "I'm sorry, sir. The kitchen is completely out of food," said the waiter.

With no other options of food to eat, Pitt asked for the check. The actor ultimately won the competition when he left Fallon to pay for everything. "Courtesy of the gentleman at the window," said the waiter as he handed Fallon the large bill. The host turned around to see Pitt flipping him off outside of the restaurant.

Watch the full bit below.