Brad Pitt Weighs in on Occupy Protests (Video)

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"It grieves me that this was interpreted this way."

"America is questioning a system that has not served us very well," said the "Moneyball" actor.

While Brad Pitt was in Japan promoting Moneyball, the conversation quickly turned to Occupy Wall Street. The topics are related, with Pitt’s film centering around a baseball time with limited money trying to make it in a world full of well-paid teams and the Occupy protests demonstrating against the one percent, who have all the money.

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"I think what you're seeing in America is questioning a system that has not served us very well," Pitt said in Tokyo. "A system that, I mean for example, is defined for corporate lobbyists instead of the best needs for the people and people are feeling screwed a little bit there."

While Pitt was able to explain why the protests were happening, he was also careful to mention that a bunch of slogans isn’t enough to find a fix for the problem.

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"The most important thing is not just getting swept up in the fervor of a fight,” Pitt said. “If you're feeling marginalized and frustrated, sometimes the release of a fight can pacify for the moment. But beyond that, really understanding the details, really understanding the systemic problems—and you can't stop there—really looking for solutions."

“And if you’re going to say one guy's bad, you've got to back it up with this is how we fix it,” he added.

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Pitt is the latest in a long list of celebrities who have spoken about the protests, which started in mid-September in New York. Since they began, the demonstrations have seen visits from entertainers including Mark Ruffalo, Kanye West, Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore. The protesters are demonstrating again corporate greed and corruption.