Brad Pitt Says He Won't Be Acting at 80

Marie Wallace/Fox Searchlight

The "Tree of Life" star says his children are becoming a bigger factor in what film projects he chooses.

Some actors work well into their 80s.

Brad Pitt won't be one of them.

“Will I be acting when I'm 80?” he asks rhetorically in a new USA Weekend profile. “Definitely not.”

He says his children play a big factor in what projects he'll do.

He has six children ages 2 to 9 — three of them adopted, three biological, born in five different countries — with partner Angelina Jolie.

They divide time between their Los Angeles compound, which Pitts has dubbed “our base camp,” and film sets around the world. They enjoy downtime at a 1,000-acre estate in southern France. Says Pitt, “We're pretty nomadic. We go where the crops are.”

He admits family life “seems a bit extreme.” But “I like extremes. I guess I've always operated that way.”

Adds the actor, “Angie and I do everything we can to carve out some semblance of normalcy for them, to re-create the kinds of moments that were special for us. It's not unusual for the kids to be covered in paint. We have mud fights. It's chaos from morning until the lights go out, and sometimes after that.”

Pitt is already generating Oscar buzz for his role as a stern father in the Terrence Malick drama Tree of Life. This past weekend, it debuted in the U.S. to a per screen average of $93,320—a record for a Fox Searchlight title. Searchlight’s previous best was $80,000 for Black Swan. “Winning the Palme d’Or really pushed it forward,” Searchlight senior vice president for distribution Sheila DeLocahe tells THR, adding that Tree of Life has become a must-see event title.

Searchlight said Tree of Life must be handled carefully, and that Searchlight is planning a slow and deliberate rollout. This coming Friday, the film moves into eight new markets, playing in a total of 18 theaters.

On July 1, Searchlight is planning a national release for Tree of Life, meaning a total theater count of 200 to 300.

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