In Theaters This Weekend: Reviews of Brad Pitt's 'Killing Them Softly' and More

What THR's critics say about the movies opening this week.

Brad Pitt is back on the big screen this weekend.

The actor stars in writer-director Andrew Dominik's Killing Them Softly, which premiered in May at the Cannes Film Festival. Pitt plays a professional enforcer hired to investigate a robbery in the crime thriller, which also stars Scoot McNairy, Ben Mendelsohn, Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini and Ray Liotta.

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Read what The Hollywood Reporter's film critics have to say about all the films opening this weekend and find out how they are expected to perform at the box office.

Killing Them Softly
Andrew Dominik's bloody, grimy crime film stars Brad Pitt as a professional enforcer investigating a robbery. Read Todd McCarthy's review here.

The Collection
From the writers of four Saw films, Marcus Dunstan delivers an equally gore-drenched sequel to his little-seen 2009 horror movie. Read Frank Scheck's review here.

Love, Marilyn
Glenn Close, Ellen Burstyn and Viola Davis read from Monroe's diaries in Liz Garbus beautifully made documentary. Read Stephen Farber's review here.

Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning
Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren return in the latest installment of the long-running action film franchise. Read Frank Scheck's review here.

Addicted to Fame
David Giancola indulges in self-pity and self-praise in this doc about his ill-fated film, which starred Anna Nicole Smith. Read John DeFore's review here.

VIDEO: 'Killing Them Softly' Trailer: Brad Pitt Gets Rough

Back to 1942 (Yi Jiu Si Er)
Top box-office director Feng Xiaogang depicts the 1942 famine in China in a spectacular epic produced by the Huayi Brothers. Read Deborah Young's review here.

Beware of Mr. Baker (on Wed.)
Jay Bulger's documentary profiles the storied life of iconic and mercurial Cream drummer Ginger Baker. Read John DeFore's review here.

California Solo
A guitar-strumming Robert Carlyle plays an almost-famous musician atoning for his reckless past in this rueful midlife reflection, written and directed by Marshall Lewy. Read David Rooney's review here.

The Gatekeepers
Director Dror Moreh's documentary tells the story of Israel's Shin Bet security agency with an inside perspective. Read Todd McCarthy's review here.

VIDEO: Amy Greene, Scene-Stealer of 'Love, Marilyn,' on Her House Guest Marilyn Monroe

Darragh Byrne's first feature stars Colm Meaney as a newly homeless Irishman. Read John DeFore's review here.

King Kelly
Andrew Neel's supposed inquiry into the side effects of social media produces no insights. Read John DeFore's review here.

Alexander Poe stars in his writing-directing debut, but juggling vengeful schemes with Jennifer Carpenter and Kristen Connolly proves too much for a film student to handle. Read John DeFore's review here.