Brad Pitt's Much-Mocked Chanel Ad Gets a Sequel (Video)

Brad Pitt Chanel Ad Screengrab - H 2012

Brad Pitt Chanel Ad Screengrab - H 2012

This time around, it's the same, cryptic monologue set to computer-enhanced visions of the future.

Conan O'Brien may have joked that the product Brad Pitt is selling in a new commercial is "Nonsensical Ramblings" -- but the actor's dead-serious campaign for Chanel No 5 perfume lives on: A second clip was posted on Tuesday to Chanel's YouTube channel

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The new 30-second spot -- also helmed by Atonement director Joe Wright -- uses the same cryptic monologue uttered by the Moneyball star in the much-maligned first ad. ("It's not a journey. Every journey ends, but we go on," Pitt muses.)

But this time we cut away from Pitt's searching eyes and that now-familiar textured backdrop to glimpse a series of dreamy, CGI-enhanced images: a woman in a white dress seemingly walking on water; a giant perfume bottle hovering above a futuristic escalator; and a woman in a metallic evening gown gazing at a golden skyline from inside a glass elevator.

An overall improvement? Or a downgrade? Share your thoughts below.