Brad Pitt's 'Moneyball': What the Moviegoers Are Saying

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"A wise financial investment," says one, while another calls it a "must see," but one gripes that Pitt's character, Oakland As manager Billy Beane, "is portrayed as a cross between the Fonz & Rocky."

Brad Pitt hit theaters Friday in Moneyball, in which he plays  Oakland As manager Billy Beane.

The baseball drama, which co-stars Jonah Hill, topped the box office Friday night, raking in an estimated $6.8 million.

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The movie has received positive reviews from critics, but what are the moviegoers saying?

Jerry Seinfeld, for one, is a fan.

"Moneyball my new favorite movie of all time! Disregard all previous!" he tweeted, although one of his followers questioned whether the comedian was being sincere or sarcastic.

Many moviegoers also hit Twitter to share their opinions, which were mostly positive. Among them:

Moneyball: 2 thumbs up. A wise financial investment ($10).

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Kevin Davis
I thought Moneyball was good. It's a shame that opening night it was hardly playing anywhere

No surprise, I enjoyed Moneyball.

Andrew Farrar
#Moneyball with Tyler last night. Excellent movie that accurately depicted my fantasy baseball team-building strategy.

Turquoise Wave
Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill were awesome in Moneyball! #movies

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Chris Olds
One thing to pay attention to right from the get-go in #moneyball is the use of sound/music.

John Moe
My favorite scene is when Moneyball helps out the orphanage by throwing 100mph wads of cash at them. Go, Moneyball, go!

Doug Clayton
Moneyball is a must see. Highly recommend it. Casual fans enjoy this one. Read the book if u haven't already.

Jeanne Bee
Moneyball was a good yarn. Altho departed fr book it told how the game changed. Fenway makes an appearance too. Brad Pitt wz xclnt.

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Jason Deuman
Hey @JonahHill and @prattprattpratt #moneyball is really good! Im going to see it again on Tuesday happily!

#Moneyball brought back so many wonderful memories from right field in the Colosseum watching the smartest team in baseball.

Brendan Fitzpatrick
Saw moneyball last night. Soooo long! But I loveee being well rested on a foggy saturday morning. Time for glen deli

Still, a few others were not as impressed:

Moneyball is meaningless since they accomplished nothing meaningful!

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Im Gisriel
Moneyball and Super 8 are two movies everyone loved and i'm like yeah there ok. not bad just not that great

Jimmy Traina
Billy Beane is portrayed as a cross between the Fonz & Rocky while Art Howe is all Three Stooges. It's a little much. 

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