Brad Pitt's Red-Carpet Attacker Plays Drums, Rides Carousel During Community Service (Exclusive Video)

Sediuk Community Service  Exclusive - H 2014

Sediuk Community Service  Exclusive - H 2014

In new footage obtained by THR, Vitalii Sediuk can be seen smiling and goofing off during his court-ordered work sentence.

Does Vitalii Sediuk look contrite?

The notorious red-carpet menace is currently fulfilling 20 days of court-ordered community service for lunging at Brad Pitt during Maleficent's Hollywood premiere May 28. 

But as this exclusive footage obtained by The Hollywood Reporter reveals, Sediuk -- who has been assigned to collect litter in Los Angeles' Griffith Park -- has been spending some of that time partaking in leisurely activities.

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Sporting an orange safety vest, Sediuk, 25, can be seen in the video shaking a pair of maracas with a group of percussionists. The former Ukrainian TV reporter then takes over on a pair of conga drums.

In another photo obtained by THR, a grinning Sediuk sits astride a carved horse on the park's 88-year-old merry-go-round.

Sediuk may be smiling through his sentence, but it's safe to say the rest of Hollywood is not. The Pitt incident came just weeks after a prank at Cannes in which Sediuk crawled up the dress of actress America Ferrera at the How to Train Your Dragon 2 premiere, a stunt that led his Ukrainian employer, 1+1 TV, to part ways with him.

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Pitt has since described Sediuk as a "nutter" whose actions will make celebrities "more wary to approach a crowd." Partner Angelina Jolie called him "an exception to the rule," but said the couple won't increase security at future premieres and appearances.

Nevertheless, Sediuk's repeat offenses (he's previously stormed the stage at the Grammys, kissed Will Smith and dropped to his knees in front of Bradley Cooper, among other high-profile stunts) have shined a disquieting light on just how vulnerable celebrities can be at public events. His latest round of pranks have embarrassed security professionals and put studio executives on high alert.

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After spending three nights in jail following the Malificent stunt -- in which, according to Pitt's version of events, Sediuk leaped at the superstar's crotch, resulting in a bodyguard pileup -- Sediuk pled no contest to one count each of battery and disturbing the peace at a May 30 court hearing.

He was sentenced to community service and psychological counseling, as well as banned from entertainment events and ordered to stay 500 yards away from Pitt and Jolie.

Shortly after the hearing, Sediuk's attorney Anthony Willoughby told THR that his client has sworn off the pranks forever. But this community service footage is unlikely to allay fears that Sediuk will succumb to the urge to strike again.