Bradley Cooper Calls Jennifer Lawrence's Wage-Gap Criticism "A Great Thing"

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in 'Serena'

Cooper also lauded his 'Burnt' co-star Sienna Miller for turning down a play for which she would have been paid significantly less than the male lead.

Bradley Cooper is backing frequent co-star Jennifer Lawrence's criticism of film studios' gender-based pay disparity.

Cooper, who was promoting his latest film, Burnt, with co-star Sienna Miller, was asked Tuesday by E! News to comment on Lawrence's recent essay criticizing Hollywood for paying female stars less than their male counterparts.

"One thing I could say is, that's interesting because if you think that you only deserve a certain amount, and that's not correct, it's about changing that mindset and sticking up for yourself, the way that Sienna did," said Cooper, who also pointed out that he hadn't read Lawrence's essay. "So that's a great thing."

Miller subsequently explained that she previously had walked away from a play that she wanted to appear in because she was offered less then half the salary that her male co-star was getting.

Salary details released during the Sony hack revealed that Lawrence was paid less for American Hustle than her male co-stars, including Cooper. Cooper also has co-starred with Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook and Serena.