Bradley Cooper Explains ‘Limitless’

The actor sheds new light on his No. 1 box office hit.


Bradley Cooper is shedding new light on his No. 1 box office hit Limitless.
Cooper plays a down-and-out writer in NYC who has had a book contract for about 10 years but hasn’t written a page.
Audiences meet him on the day his girlfriend dumps him and he’s overdue on his rent.
“He’s basically decided, ‘This isn’t the way my life’s going to be,’” Cooper tells BBC in a new interview.
His character then runs into his ex-wife’s brother who he used to know and he gives him an FDA-approved pill that will help him focus and write.
 “All of a sudden this pill, called NZT, unlocks his full-brain potential....” Cooper says. “He can access anything he’s ever heard, or smelled, or seen or touched since the womb, basically.”
His character ends up writing the book in four days.
He also learns, the piano, other languages, picks up women. But he feels that isn’t enough – he wants money.
Entering the picture: Robert DeNiro’s character, an investment banker.
He knows of a huge merger and hires Cooper’s character because of his neurological ability to analyze comprehensive data. 
That’s when the story picks up, says Cooper: “The dilemma [becomes], What do you do with that power?”