Bradley Cooper Eager to Shoot 'Hangover III'; Says Todd Phillips Is Working on Script (Video)

The Hangover Part II
Courtesy of Warner Bros

"The filming process, the acting together is a tremendous amount of fun, but logistically it was definitely the hardest film for all of us independently have ever done," Cooper said of he and his co-stars' The Hangover Part II experience.

During an appearance on the "Graham Norton Show," the actor said he hoped to start filming the Warner Bros. threequel in September.

While recently promoting the DVD release of The Hangover Part II on Britain's Graham Norton Show, Bradley Cooper unveiled some details about a possible, and probably, third edition of the popular comedy franchise.

"I personally want to do it. I hope we're going to start shooting in September," Cooper said. "I know [director] Todd Phillips is working on the script."

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Cooper said a new installment would most likely shake-up the formula used in the first two movies, "We adhered to the formula in the second one, for those of you who've seen it, and the third one, which would close the whole sort of trilogy, which now it would be a trilogy -- even though we thought we would never make a second one, let alone anybody see the first one -- I think it will take place in Los Angeles and maybe not adhere to the structure. It might be different."

Hangover star Zach Galifianakis made similar comments in June, telling Rolling Stone that he's heard that the plot ditches the format of the first two films and focuses on his character, the oddball Alan, escaping from a mental institution with help from the "wolf pack."

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Though there hasn't been any official word on another sequel, Warner Bros. has made moves to bring the film's creative gang back together -- Craig Mazin, who co-wrote the Bangkok-set Hangover II, is in talks to come back to write the new script.

Earlier this year, the film's Ken Jeong told The Hollywood Reporter he'd gladly sign on to another installment of the franchise. “I would absolutely do a third one [with] no fear of typecasting,” he said. “All of my fame and success in the last few years is directly due to The Hangover. Those guys are like family to me, so it doesn't matter -- big part or small part… Well, I guess I know a thing or two about small parts.”

Released over the Memorial Day weekend in the States, The Hangover II has grossed $254,464,000 domestically and $327 million worldwide.

Cooper begins talking about The Hangover III at the 5:15 minute mark.