Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller Are Cooking, Possibly Romancing in the New 'Burnt' Trailer

Cooper plays a chef with bad habits looking to rebound in the Weinstein Company's latest drama.

In a new trailer for Burnt released today by The Weinstein Company, Bradley Cooper plays Adam Jones, a renowned chef looking to make a comeback. After having it all and losing it all, Jones heads to London to get his career back on track.

Wanting to head the best kitchen in the world, Jones has his sights on a third Michelin star. Coming back to the restaurant scene won’t come easy, though, as Jones has a troubled past and a long list of enemies who want to see him fail.

The culinary drama also stars Sienna Miller as Helene. "I found a cook who doesn’t know how good she is," Cooper’s Jones says of Helene.

The new trailer teases a possible romance between Cooper and Miller’s characters, showing glimpses of Jones and Helene working in the kitchen, having heart-to-hearts and attending a party together.

Burnt is directed by John Wells, with a story by Michael Kalesniko and a screenplay by Steven Knight.

The cast includes Matthew Rhys as Reece, a rival chef, and Omar Sy as Michel, Jones’ sous chef and close friend, as well as Uma Thurman, Emma Thompson and Daniel Bruhl.

Burnt hits theaters Oct. 23.