'The Brand New Testament' Director on Belgium's Oscar Submission: "If the Pope Saw This Movie, He'd Have a Laugh"

Courtesy of Le Pacte
'The Brand New Testament'

Jaco Van Dormael tells THR that the idea for the religious comedy resonates with a line from Woody Allen: "If God exists, I hope he has a good excuse."

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Jaco Van Dormael has been here before. The Belgian director had two previous films submitted for consideration for the foreign-language Oscar: the 1991 cult hit Toto the Hero and 1996's The Eighth Day. Neither received a nomination, but the third time could be the charm for the 58-year-old filmmaker.

Since his latest feature, The Brand New Testament, premiered at Cannes in May, it has been embraced by critics and has become a crossover hit in Europe. The comedy's high-concept setup — God is alive and lives in Brussels — makes way for a playful examination of faith and philos­ophy after God's rebellious daughter hacks his computer and sends all the people in the world a text message revealing the time and method of their death.

The film has a crazy premise. Where did the idea originate?

"I never really know, but I think there was some resonance with a line from Woody Allen: "If God exists, I hope he has a good excuse." The first idea was to take God and put him in a very con­crete setting — so I picked Brussels, the city I live in and know inside out. The second idea was to give him a wife and daughter and to make the daughter a rebellious teenager."

How have audiences reacted?

"We've had screenings in very Catholic areas in Spain, Italy and Poland, and they were really good. I wasn't kidnapped by a dozen mil­itant nuns — even if that is a fantasy of mine — and even in Belgium I was positively surprised. I think even if the pope — particularly this pope — saw this movie, he'd have a laugh."

Catherine Deneuve plays a woman who leaves her husband for a gorilla. How did you convince her to join the cast?

"There wasn't much convincing — it was very quick. I sent her the script, and she said yes. She's afraid of nothing — not even being in bed with a gorilla who ends up being much more loving than her husband."