Tony Hale Combats Fake News of Alien Invasions in 'Brave New Jersey' Clip (Exclusive Video)

"Of course they are coming for us — we've got the fourth tallest water tower in three counties."

Tony Hale tries to maintain control over a chaotic town meeting after hearing the "news" of a local alien attack in The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive clip of Brave New Jersey.

Directed by Jody Lambert from a script co-written with Michael Dowling, the comedy — also starring Anna Camp, Sam Jaeger and Heather Burns — is an adaptation of Orson Welles’ legendary 1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast and the consequential panic that ensued across America when millions believed aliens were invading Earth. "Of course they are coming for us, we've got the fourth tallest water tower in three counties," said one of the panicked citizens in the clip.

The crowd seems to accept the town's impending doom until Captain Ambrose P. Collins, the neighborhood crazy man, decides to create an army to fight the alien invasion: "Martian rays don't scare me, giving up, now that's what scares me."

Brave New Jersey is out in limited theaters and on demand Aug. 4.