Bravo tops survey of gay-friendly companies

Apple, Showtime follow in second, third spots

NBC Universal's Bravo emerged as the most "gay-friendly" company, according to a survey from Prime Access and PlanetOut.

Four of the top five brands ranked were from the media and technology sectors. Following Bravo were Apple, Showtime and HBO.

It was 52% of gay consumers polled who recognized Bravo, which has aired many series featuring gay personalities including "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and "Working Out," as gay-friendly. Bravo also was perceived as highly gay-friendly among straight consumers (28%).

Among gay consumers, Apple finished second with a 39% score, followed by Showtime (35%) and HBO (34%). The list was rounded about by nonmedia companies including Absolut, Levi's and American Express.

None of the companies perceived as least gay-friendly was in the media and technology sector. Top finishers included BP, Gilette, Cadillac and Kraft.

The poll also found that the media was most likely to shape consumer perceptions relating to gay-friendliness. Friends, company advertising and family also ranked high.