Brazilians aim for world view


CANNES -- Hot Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles is in talks to set up a joint venture between his production company O2 Filmes and Madrid-based Spanish sales consortium 6 Sales to co-develop, produce and distribute Brazilian films worldwide.

"We produce a lot of great films out of Brazil, but they never leave the country because there isn't the (distribution) infrastructure in place to handle it," Meirelles said in an interview. "This is what this new company will do."

O2, set up by Meirelles, Andrea Barata Ribeiro and Paolo Morelli, is one of Latin America's leading production houses, having created Meirelles' Academy Award-winning "City of God" as well as Morelli's upcoming "City of Men" and Meirelles' "Blindness," set to shoot in 2008.

6 Sales specializes in commercial art house and features for the international market in English and Spanish, produced by independent companies from the USA, Latin America and Europe and is now handling O2 co-production "Antonia," Tata Amaral's second feature film.

Meirelles is finalizing cast on dark drama "Blindness," meeting with actors to take on the lead role of a doctor who is the only man who can see in a village where everyone else is struck blind. He is also a co-producer on Enrique Fernandez's "El Bano del Papa," screening in Un Certain Regard.