BRB Internacional Announces Sales of Animation Series to Latin America

"Iron Kid," "Bernard" and "The Thousand and One Americas" to air in South America.

MADRID -- Spanish animation specialists BRB Internacional announced Thursday a handful of sales of its core series to Latin America.

While Suckers presently airs on Cartoon Networks in several countries, Televideo picked up Iron Kid -- featuring a teenage bionic hero on a quest for world peace -- to most of South America, including Argentina, Chile and Peru.

SERTV acquired Panamanian rights to the globetrotting polar bear adventure series Bernard , while Senal Colombia bought right to The Thousand and One Americas for Colombia.

Hola Entertainment handles BRB's catalogue and is set to present the first few episodes of Zoobabu,  as well as the full series of newly crafted Kambu at the Los Angeles Screenings.