'Breakfast's' digital dawn


MGM is giving a new film an online debut, making "A Dog's Breakfast" available on iTunes and Amazon's Unbox on Tuesday.

"Breakfast" director David Hewlett is the star of another MGM property, "Stargate Atlantis," a sci-fi series with a cult following online, MGM senior executive vp Charles Cohen said. That made the online push for "Breakfast" a natural move.

"David Hewlett's film has generated a tremendous amount of interest among the 'Stargate' fan online community, and we are thrilled to give them what they want with this initiative," he said.

"Breakfast" has spread the word with YouTube, where a trailer has drawn more than 250,000 views, as well as with ADogsBreakfastMovie.com. A comedy about sibling rivalry, the film features several players from the "Stargate" franchise, including Christopher Judge and Rachel Luttrell.

"Breakfast" eventually will be served up on DVD beginning Sept. 18.