Hollywood's 100 Favorite TV Shows: 'Breaking Bad' Duo Reenacted by 'Modern Family' Actors

Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson re-create the critically acclaimed AMC drama.

Eric Stonestreet has gone full-on Walter White.

The Modern Family star posed as the iconic Breaking Bad character, played by Bryan Cranston, for The Hollywood Reporter with onscreen husband Jesse Tyler Ferguson in costume as his meth-cooking sidekick, Jesse Pinkman.

To resemble the chemistry teacher turned meth dealer, Stonestreet (Cam in the ABC sitcom) sported a black porkpie hat paired with a goatee, a signature look of Walter White’s drug-kingpin alter ego, Heisenberg. Throw a pair of sagging jeans on him and Ferguson (Mitch) bears a striking resemblance to Aaron Paul’s original character without much effort.

Like a number of others in the industry — the AMC critical darling came in at No. 2 on THR's list of Hollywood's 100 Favorite TV Shows — Stonestreet admits to being a massive Bad fan. "Bryan’s performances — all of the performances — were incredible," he said. "Just the arc of that story — you hate to use the word groundbreaking, but I think [creator] Vince [Gilligan] is."

Stonestreet, who first met Cranston while playing an exterminator on Malcolm in the Middle, acknowledges that he always tuned in to marvel at the performances and see where the writers took the characters. "It was just good television," he adds, "the best."

The photo was taken exclusively for THR's list of Hollywood's 100 Favorite TV Shows, with the Modern Family cast re-creating six shows that made the ranking. Other series the actors posed for were Cheers, I Dream of Jeannie, Married … With Children, Frasier and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

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