'Breaking Bad'-'Frozen' Parody Makes Walter White Cooler Than Ever

Breaking Bad Frozen PARODY - H 2014

"Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab," Jesse?

Anna's got nothing on Walter White in this crazy good parody that tells the tale of Breaking Bad to the tune of Frozen's "Do You Want to Build a Snowman." 

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Amanda Hill had the idea while hanging out at Legoland with her friend and his kids, and later pitched it to a group of pals at birthday party. As one of the video's writers and creators Alex Negrete recalls it, "We all made I Just Saw A Unicorn faces, started bouncing ideas off each other, then before we knew it we had half of it written."

The team at the YouTube channel Animeme were all Breaking Bad fans and wanted to hit key moments from the show.

"We focused on the moments that affected Jesse and his relationship with Walt the most; showing his progressive, deteriorating mental state throughout the series," Negrete tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Everything ended up falling into place, with little force, down to the last shot of Jesse cowering inside his apartment. It all felt too perfect, almost as if the reason ‘Snowman’ was written was so our parody could exist."

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Check it out above, though be warned: it contains some key Bad spoilers. Our question: When do we get a Saul Goodman version? 

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