'Breaking Bad' Meets 'SpongeBob' in Dark Mashup (Video)

'Say my name.'

Season 5, Episode 7

Heisenberg really doesn't get any cooler than this. While "I am the danger" may be a close second, we rate this as our favorite Walt monologue ever. He has the audacity to ask hardened criminals to work with him, and even pay Mike a $5 million finders fee for bringing them together. Why? Because he's the cook. Because he's the man who killed Gus Fring. Because he's Heisenberg. ("You're goddamn right.")

"I am the danger" never looked so goofy.

SpongeBob is the the one who knocks in this Breaking Bad mashup.

The newly uploaded YouTube short pairs audio from Walter White's greatest speeches — from "Say my name" to "I am the danger" — to visuals from the Nickelodeon show.

There's one at the end to watch for. Hint, it involves Tuco (Raymond Cruz) at his finest. Check out Breaking Sponge.