'Breaking Bad' Villain Wants Al Pacino Dead in 'Stand Up Guys' Trailer (Video)

Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin also star in the film about aging criminals who go out for one last night on the town.

Does this look more like Goodfellas or The Bucket List?

The first trailer for Stand Up Guys shows Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin as aging criminals in a bind. When Pacino's character is released from prison after taking the fall for his pals, his best friend (Walken) is ordered to kill him by 10 a.m. the next morning.

The guys decide to hit the town for one last night of fun, and from the looks of it, their definition of fun includes guns, women and car chases—with some serious soul searching squeezed in there too.

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The trailer has some laughs, but reveals a more dramatic side to the film, which has been billed as an action-comedy.

Breaking Bad’s Mark Margolis, who played the bell-ringing invalid Hector Salaman on the AMC show, appears as a shady figure who presses Walken’s character to kill his best friend.

Stand Up Guys was directed by Fisher Stevens and hits theaters Jan. 11.

Watch the trailer below.

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