'Breaking Dawn's' Jackson Rathbone Recalls Favorite On-Set Memories

Jackson Rathbone Breaking Dawn Premiere P 2011
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The actor tells THR about co-star Peter Facinelli’s culinary skills and the Cullens' “family reunion.”

With the first half of the Twilight Saga’s two-part finale hitting theaters on Friday, and part two already a wrap, the cast of the epic series has a short list of reunions remaining on the calendar before saying goodbye to their characters for good.

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Jackson Rathbone reminisced with The Hollywood Reporter about his time on the life-changing series, and just what memories will be sticking with him as the actor and musician continues to pursue new projects.

“I think one of my favorite memories -- there are a bunch -- was when we first got back to film New Moon,” he said during a summer interview. “It had been a couple months [since we’d seen each other] and we all came back, and the first thing we all did was go to Peter Facinelli's room, the whole cast, and Peter made us ravioli and it was like a family dinner. A family reunion.”

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Rathbone recalled the sudden pandemonium surrounding himself and the entire cast following Twilight’s 2008 release, and the comfort found in discovering that his co-stars had remained unchanged by the chaos.

“Catching up with everybody, seeing them again and seeing how everyone was doing so well and keeping their feet very firmly planted on the ground -- that was just so exciting to see that nothing changed,” he said. “I'm excited about our final family reunion and so honored and so blessed to work with the amazing cast I've worked with. I love them all and support everything they do.”

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Rathbone also detailed his final evening on the set – with a sarcastic twist, of course.

“There were fireworks and gunshots and explosions in the sky,” he joked. “I actually just very calmly hung out and had a drink or two with Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz. We just hung out in Ashley’s hotel room listening to the new Mumford and Sons album, kind of reminiscing over the years.”

Breaking Dawn – Part 1 hits theaters on Nov. 18 with Part 2 slated for a Nov. 16, 2012 release.