Kristen Stewart on Bella's Vampire Transformation: 'It Didn't Feel Hokey' (Video)

The actress tells THR that her new and improved character simply felt like "a more realized version" of the one she'd been playing for years.

When Breaking Dawn -- Part 2 hits theaters, fans will see a whole new side of Bella Swan.

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Previews have teased the franchise heroine's transformation from human to vampire, but Twihards are still salivating to see more of Kristen Stewart as she hunts prey, drinks blood and, yes, discovers the perks of vampire sex.

"I am really lucky I didn't have to jump into vampire world," Stewart told The Hollywood Reporter at the film's press day this month. "It does seem like kind of a big leap, but it generally felt like just the next step."

And while Bella essentially is a whole new character this time around -- leaving her bumbling, awkward tendencies behind in favor of confidence and inhuman strength -- Stewart says she was prepared for the character's evolution.

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"Everything that makes the vampire characters special, all their really great qualities, are aspects of how they were as human beings -- amplified," she said. "Because I got to play her and really get to know who she was, it didn't feel hokey. It never felt like I was playing a vampire in a crazy fantasy movie, it really just felt like a more realized version of who I'd been playing."

The final film in the beloved Twilight Saga hits theaters Nov. 16.

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