'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Epic Showdown Teased in New Featurette (Video)

The “Twilight” actors offer fans an inside look at the upcoming saga finale.

For the first time since its 2008 debut, Twilight fans will see the world through vampire eyes.

When Breaking Dawn – Part 2, the fifth and final installment in the beloved franchise, viewers will watch as Bella (Kristen Stewart) adjusts to life as a newborn blood sucker while simultaneously mothering a new daughter.

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“You’ve been watching four movies where you see vampires from the outside,” says director Bill Condon in a newly released featurette for the film. “Now you get to experience what it’s like to see the world visually as a vampire might.”

But it’s not all sparkly skin  and crimson eyeballs for the Cullens, as their first and only child together – Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy) – raises eyebrows among the community and, frighteningly, the law-enforcing Volturi.

“When the Volturi find out about this child, they suspect that their ultimate law has been broken,” explains Michael Sheen, who plays Volturi leader Aro. That law is, of course, that no child can be bitten and turned into a vampire.

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And the trouble reaches a fever pitch when the Cullens team up with allies from around the world to fight the lawmakers, risking their lives to save Renesmee’s.

And if Twihards are feeling a pang of sadness over saying goodbye to Bella, Edward and Jacob, Stewart is right there with them.

“They watch the movies for the same reason that I make the movies,” she says. “Because I know what it’s like to love something so much.”

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 opens Nov. 16 nationwide. Watch the new featurette in the player above.