'Breaking Dawn - Part 2': Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart's Barbie Dolls Released Just in Time for Christmas

Edward Bella Breaking Dawn Dolls - P 2012

Edward Bella Breaking Dawn Dolls - P 2012

The collectibles from the fifth and final film in the "Twilight Saga" franchise go on sale Dec. 1.

Is there a Twihard or two in your family? You can easily identify the afflicted youngsters by their having raced to see The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 this weekend.

Now here’s a great holiday gift idea for young or old Twihards: The brand new Breaking Dawn 2 Barbie Dolls of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, aka Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

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In contrast with the tamer early versions of the Twilight lovers, Bella is considerably hotter since she became a vampire. She is paler, with thicker hair and very dramatic golden eyes. And she’s suited up in a tough-girl faux-leather biker jacket and skintight leggings with boots. Even Edward looks edgier, wearing a dark brown wool jacket and a pair of trendy rolled-up dark-wash jeans.

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The first Twilight Saga Barbie dolls of the pair were dressed in jeans and sporty jackets. Back then, Edward was the only pale-complexioned one. And when Breaking Dawn - Part 1 premiered, the dolls wore traditional wedding attire that looked a lot like what they wore in the film.

There are other characters as well: Esme, in a straight slim skirt and a purple ruffled sleeveless blouse; Carlisle, in a white lab coat and a very metrosexual turquoise shirt and matching tie; and Emmett, wearing a gray vest and maroon shirt with rolled-up sleeves and a hip leather wrist band. 

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The Bella/Edward gift set will be available exclusively at Toys 'R Us and the solo dolls are sold on Barbiecollector.com starting Dec. 1. No price is listed, but if you double the price of a single doll -- $24.95 --  that’s probably the approximate price of the couple gift set.

Think the price is high? Well, keep in mind that these are collectibles. In a few  decades, a Twihad will be able to sell a set of unopened dolls on eBay. So they make pretty decent investment -- but that's only if they are unopened. And where's the fun in that?