Robert Pattinson's $12 Million Dior Fragrance Deal Just a Rumor

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The Paris-based Dior press office tells THR that no contract has been signed.

As a result of the massively successful Twilight Saga films, Robert Pattinson has transformed into a bigger star than he could ever have imagined.

And this week,  it was widely reportedly by outlets including E!, The New York Daily News and USA Today that the young actor had landed a whopping  $12 million dollar men's  fragrance deal with Christian Dior. Gleefully, the press noted that Pattinson's deal had even topped Brad Pitt's reported paltry $7 million for his Chanel No. 5 ads. 

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But there is no fragrance contract. Not yet, at least.

The Dior international press office in Paris explained to The Hollywood Reporter Wednesday morning that the so-called "reports" were just rumors and that no contract has been signed. They had no further comments.

Calls to Pattinson's camp went unanswered.

There is no question that a fragrance deal may be in Pattinson's future. After all, his Twilight costar (and rumored on-again girlfriend) Kristen Stewart is already plugging the house of Balenciaga’s Florabotanica scent.

Should a deal come through for Pattinson, he would join the ranks of other A-list actors --  Jude Law, Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman --  who have endorsed Dior fragrances in the past. Marion Cotillard is also the face of Dior handbags

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But it's worth noting that Pattinson has a closer relationship with Gucci than Dior.  In fact, he loves Gucci so much that he wore their designs head-to-toe (the Signoria suit, white shirt, skinny black tie, leather belt and dress shoes) throughout his film Cosmopolis, as well as during the film's press tour. 

"After I found out [from his agent] that Rob actually wore Gucci in real life, I looked at photos of him in their suits and that was the style I wanted for his character,”  Cosmopolis costume designer Denise Cronenberg told THR. “Gucci is not something I have used before, but I think it’s smart to use a line that he has already worn."

Cronenberg also revealed that Pattinson kept all his Gucci suits from the film. "I didn't think he would because he has like 4,000 suits," she admitted.

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When and if Pattinson ever does land a lucrative fragrance contract, we hope he isn't presented with a script that rambles nonsensically about dreams and destiny (see: Pitt's frequently parodied Chanel No. 5 ad).