Breaking Glass Picks Up Rome Festival Winner 'Marfa Girl' For North America

Marfa Girl

The Texas-set drama from Larry Clark won best film in 2012

On the eve of this year's Rome Film Festival, the winner of its Marcus Aurelius Award for Best Film in 2012 Larry Clark's drama Marfa Girl — has been picked up for North American distribution by Breaking Glass Pictures.

The film follows a group of family and friends in the border town of Marfa, Texas, who spend their time talking, smoking and having sex. The Hollywood Reporter's Jordan Mintzer praised its "visually potent" style and called David Newbert's cinematography "raw and soigne, capturing the sad beauty of Marfa’s ranch homes, trailer parks and abandoned warehouses."

Clark, who wrote the screenplay, first distributed the film independently through his personal website at a pay-per-view rate of $6. It was then picked up by sales agent Spotlight. Now, Breaking Glass is  planning to release it theatrically in the U.S. this winter.

"I think Marfa Girl is my best film or at least as good as any film I've made," Clark said in a statement. The photographer-turned-filmmaker first garnered acclaim for his photography book Tulsa, then went on to direct films including Kids and Bully. He was given a career tribute at the Deauville American Film Festival in 2013, and his latest film, the Michael Pitt-starrer The Smell of Us, premiered in Venice this year.

Marfa Girl was produced by Adam Sherman, and it stars Adam Mediano, Mercedes Maxwell, Indigo Rael, Lindsay Jones and Drake Burnette, several in their first performances.

Breaking Glass's releases include the adaptation of Brett Hartinger's best-selling YA novel Geography Club, the gay romantic thriller Out in the Dark and the upcoming psychological drama White Rabbit. Its CEO Richard Wolff negotiated the deal for Marfa Girl with Spotlight's Ryan McCombs.

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