Breakouts, fakeouts and Rourke's revival


It was a week of wrestling, slumdogging and Che Guevara joining the VOD revolution.

The Toronto International Film Festival, like most fests, featured films that came in loudly and went out quietly (see "The Burning Plain," "The Other Man" and "Management"). But the movies and companies that did stand out tended to do so brightly — from Danny Boyle's romance-action hybrid "Slumdog Millionaire" to instant Oscar contender "The Wrestler" to IFC's coup, as it were, in picking up "Che." As the fest ends Saturday, some trends, winners, losers and momentum-gatherers have come into focus:

Most surprising: Lionsgate and Overture — which was the story of last year's fest when it grabbed "The Visitor" — looked hard for films but made no buys. Most telling: Paramount's Vantage label and embattled ThinkFilm, both in flux, were silent.

Gregg Goldstein New York contributed to this report.