Breakthrough Shopping Website Where You Can Purchase From Fashionistas' Closets allows users to buy high end fashion merchandise; delivers in pink designer trucks to L.A. customers. is the brainchild of Rob Kramer, an entrepreneur who resides in Santa Monica. The neighborhood shopping site has been live since the fall of 2011, and he's getting stylists, fashion luminaries, influencers and decorators to open up their closets for all to see - and for all to shop.

Celebrity stylist George Kotsiopolous has already done a closet sweep and many of his rare finds will be posted on Hipswap soon. Same for decorator Jordan Cappella. Now in 15 cities, the site creates a visual marketplace to connect buyers and sellers locally and across the country with stuff that the cool and stylish that they're ready to part with. To shop on it is free, with a small transaction fee. One person's "stuff" is another's couture.

The best part is, Hipswap has a bright pink truck running around L.A. delivering items-- that's even more fun than Net-a-Porter. We suggest you start poking around the site on a weekly basis; you never know when a celebrity stylist is going to be parting with her Lanvin bags, priced to move. You can also sell your own on there, and make more money than you would at most vintage and re-sell shops in town. They only keep a small percentage of your earnings. Attention all stylists: if you've got any shedding to do, this is the place.