Breitbart Blogger Falsely Accuses Colorado Shooter James Holmes of Being a Democrat

Joel B. Pollack rushed to report a voter registration card that turned to not belong to the Colorado gunman.

There was a reason why Breitbart News had the exclusive on the breaking scoop that James Holmes, the shooter responsible for the movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado, might be a Democrat: he isn't, and they were wrong.

Blogger Joel B. Pollack, writing for the right wing blog network, reported early Friday that he had obtained voter registration records that he believed belonged to Holmes and which placed the 25-year Holmes in the Democratic Party. Five hours later, Pollack updated his story to note that his discovery was incorrect; the 24-year old Holmes in question, he wrote, may not even be registered to vote.

Still, that did not move Pollack to change his headline, which still reads that Holmes could be a Democrat; nor did it move him to take responsibility. At least, he wrote, his error was better researched than that of ABC News' Brian Ross, who had posited, incorrectly, that Holmes could be a member of the Tea Party.