Breitbart Is Now Selling Fidget Spinners for "Leftists" Who "Need Comfort"

Mark Wilson/Getty Images
Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon's face is featured on the three-pronged toy.

Breitbart is getting into the fidget spinner game.

The conservative news site is now selling the popular Gen Z toy; even President Donald Trump's son Barron has been seen playing with one over the summer. It's also been marketed as a form of therapy to relieve stress, which is exactly how Breitbart is advertising the three-pronged orange gizmo.

"Leftists need comfort at times like these," reads the product's description. "Gift them this pacifying item that will give them something to do in between pulling down monuments. Or keep one for yourself!"

Retailing for $7.95 each, the fidget spinner features former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon's face and the hashtag #war. A three-pack is also available for $21.46 and a 10-pack for $59.62, should you feel inclined to own more than one. But be aware that this is "a specialty item," according to the site, so it's going to take 10 days to be delivered to you. (Or, you know, you could just buy one at your local 7-Eleven, but then you'd miss out on Bannon's unforgettable mug, which has been in the news as of late, since he exited the White House last week and vowed to fight for Trump's agenda at Breitbart, the organization he helped to run before heading to Washington.)

In addition to fidget spinners, Breitbart's e-comm site also sells All-American tees, hoodies, totes, water bottles and coffee mugs.

Despite Breitbart's effort to get in touch with pop culture, it's one, er, spin too late. The fidget spinner craze is apparently already over now that many schools have banned the toy.