Bret Easton Ellis: 'I've Been Banned by GLAAD Media Awards'

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Iconoclastic filmmaker Paul Schrader is teaming up with "Less Than Zero" author Ellis for the psycho-horror project "Bait."

UPDATED: GLAAD responds to the author's claims that he was told he couldn't come to the swanky event honoring Bill Clinton.

There will be stars galore on Saturday evening at the Los Angeles GLAAD Media Awards, a swanky Hollywood event attended by 5,000 guests where President Bill Clinton will receive the Advocate for Change Award -- but Bret Easton Ellis will not be among them.

The novelist and provocateur took to his medium of choice -- Twitter -- to announce that the gay rights organization had "banned" him from entering the premises after learning a guest planned on bringing him as a date.

"As a gay man in a domestic partnership who plans to get married I'm sad to hear I've been banned byGLAAD from attending tomorrow's event," the American Psycho author wrote. "GLAAD is supposedly 'furious' about my tweets. And I'm guessing not the ones concerning my boyfriend or how sexy I think Adam Driver is."

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No, probably not. More likely were Ellis' tweets about actor Matthew Bomer, whom he felt was not qualified to play the protagonist in a 50 Shades of Grey movie because he's openly gay.

"I don't care how good an actor you are but being married to another man complicates things for playing CG," he said, adding, "Okay I'll say it. Matt Bomer isn't right for Christian Grey because he is openly gay. He's great for other roles but this is too big a game."

Or the time in 2011 when he likened watching Glee to stepping "into a puddle of HIV."

Ellis also angered many when he tweeted, "I kind of agree with Paris Hilton." The hotel heiress had been caught on tape saying gay men are "the horniest people in the world" and that men who use the hook-up app Grindr "probably have AIDS."

Ellis added on Friday that GLAAD had told Ellis' friend to "warn Bret not to go public or TWEET about this decision."

GLAAD vice president of communications Rich Ferraro has offered The Hollywood Reporter this exclusive response to Ellis' claims:

"GLAAD spoke with the guest who was planning to bring Bret about some of Bret's recent remarks, which the gay community responded negatively to. We also asked for a time to sit down with Bret. They decided to replace Bret with a different guest and there has been no response to the offer of a meeting. We hope his tweets don't overshadow the high-profile allies and everyday LGBT people who will be onstage tonight advocating for equality in the Boy Scouts, marriage and across the country."

Among the tweets deemed objectionable by GLAAD: