Bret Easton Ellis Ramps Up His War Against Hollywood Blogger Nikki Finke (Exclusive)

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

"If you’re going to call out others, then expect it in return," the "Less Than Zero" author says in a statement to THR.

Seems Nikki Finke may have finally come up against an equally tart-tongued opponent.

On June 22, author-screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis tweeted he lives in the same West Hollywood building as the notoriously reclusive Deadline Hollywood blogger.

Three weeks later, according to Ellis, Finke called ICM and threatened to sue the writer, the agency and his agent, Binky Urban, prompting this Ellis tweet on July 13: “Anyone in the movie industry who fears they have to ‘watch out’ for Nikki Finke is a complete and total old-school f—ing Hollywood loser.”

(That day, Gawker posted a photo of an apartment in the building for which it said Deadline parent Penske Media paid $830,000 in November. It’s not clear if Finke lives there.)

In an exclusive statement, Ellis tells THR: “I have nothing against Nikki Finke. I tweeted something innocuous. I did not give an address because I have crazies hounding me. She went ballistic, and her reaction was harassing and unacceptable. I had no idea her ‘privacy’ was so important considering her feelings about revealing the lives of others. Come on, N.F., if you’re going to call out others, then expect it in return. When Nikki Finke calls an agency that reps me threatening to sue and ‘destroy’ said agency, we are dealing with someone who is contradicting themselves — she can go batshit on some exec and sit in her office without any reprimands? We live in a new age, and if she doesn’t get that info is traded like currency, she really is behind the times.”

Still, his primary beef is with her audience: “My tweets were meant at the Hollywood morons who think they have to live in Nikki Finke’s French Royal Court and be completely secretive: That’s what I despise.”

Since then, Ellis has again taken to Twitter with more updates from his feud with Finke:

"Nikki Finke: the hectoring, threatening, vaguely litigious e-mails she sent to our buildings owner and management was a truly awful thing..." Ellis tweeted Monday.

That was followed quickly by "Nikki Finke accuses staff in our building of 'outing' her to me. A joke. None of them know who the f-- she is. I found out at a dumb party."

Finally: "The 'empress' attitude of the famous Nikki Finke is why this is the end of an era. One of the final nails in the coffin of the Empire. OVER"