Bret McKenzie Shares 'Hobbit' Set Stories; Talks 'Flight of the Conchords' Movie (Video)

The actor spoke with THR at the Muppets premiere, for which he served as music supervisor.

Bret McKenzie won’t be seen on screen in The Muppets this holiday weekend, but the actor’s musical styling will be heard throughout the film’s soundtrack. Serving as music supervisor for the Disney project, McKenzie reunited with Flight of the Conchords co-creator James Bobin on the film.

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“It was great because I’ve worked with James for years,” he told The Hollywood Reporter at the film’s premiere. “We have kind of a short hand of working together. So he says ‘I don’t like that,’ and I can go and fix it or ‘I like that’ and then we’re on the same page.”

Following the interview, McKenzie shared a hug with Conchords co-star Kristen Schaal on the red carpet, who makes a cameo appearance in the film. The duo could join forces once again for a movie version of their short-lived HBO series, McKenzie confirmed.

“We’re gonna try and do a movie,” he said. “We just need a story.”

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As for a timeline, McKenzie joked that the film could be just around the corner.

“I’m gonna go back to New Zealand tomorrow, maybe film it next week. And then edit it the week after,” he joked.  “I don’t know how familiar you are with movies, but there’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff that could take one or two weeks. Probably in about a month we’ll have a premiere.”

As an added gem – McKenzie offered THR a peek behind-the-scenes of Peter Jackon’s The Hobbit, in which he plays the minor elfin role of Lindir.

“It’s amazing. Peter Jackson is just, he’s rolling, he’s got his flow on,” he said of the set. “It looks incredible. I’ve never seen anything so massive.”

In their downtime, McKenzie and co-stars Ian McKellen (Gandalf) and Hugo Weaving (Elrond) plotted ways to bring “The Hobbit: The Musical” to life. Watch below as McKenzie -- struggling to hold back laughter -- sings a few lines from Gandalf’s proposed part.