Brett Ratner Breaks Twitter Silence Following Oscars Exit

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William Webb/Universal Studios

Although Ratner apologized, the rest is history. He resigned -- undoubtedly under pressure -- as Oscar producer Nov. 8. "Boy, was Brett stupid," says a source connected to "Heist." "When you're already a controversial choice, try keeping your mouth shut."

The “Tower Heist” director used his account to honor the late Heavy D… and promote his latest film.

Aside from issuing a statement to announce his resignation from the 84th Academy Awards telecast, and to apologize for his use of a gay slur, Brett Ratner has remained uncharacteristically quiet in the wake of several controversial comments.

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Late Thursday night, the Tower Heist director returned to his Twitter account to honor the late, great rapper Heavy D, who died suddenly on Tuesday, Nov. 8. News of the rappers death came just hours before Ratner’s resignation was officially announced.

“G-d Bless Heavy D! He was a great man and one of my closest friends. I miss him!” Ratner posted in his first tweet since Nov. 7. The message was shortly followed by a re-tweet of rapper Nas, who was promoting a Tower Heist music video collaboration with Rick Ross titled “It’s a Tower Heist.”

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Ratner set off a firestorm of criticism following his use of a gay slur during a Tower Heist screening. He also appeared on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM radio show, in which he degraded women and shared several crude bits of personal information.

Following his subsequent exit from the Academy Awards’ producer chair, host Eddie Murphy also bowed out. The duo has been replaced by Brian Grazer and Billy Crystal.