Brett Ratner's Oscar Exit Sparks Passionate Reactions Around the Web

Brett Ratner 2011
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The Academy is both praised and criticized for the move, which comes on the heels of several offensive comments from the director, while many make quips at his expense.

The news that Brett Ratner is out as producer of the upcoming Oscar telecast sparked a slew of passionate responses around the Web.

The director, whose Tower Heist opened at the box office this weekend, was set to produce the Feb. 26 telecast alongside Don Mischer, with his Tower Heist star Eddie Murphy as host.

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But after a week during which Ratner made a slew of offensive comments -- from insulting Olivia Munn and talking about his private parts on Howard Stern's radio show to using the word "fags" at a Tower Heist screening -- the director has parted ways with the Academy, as The Hollywood Reporter first reported.

Ratner released a statement soon after THR reported his exit.

"I called Tom Sherak this morning and resigned as a producer of the 84th Academy Awards telecast," he said. "Being asked to help put on the Oscar show was the proudest moment of my career. But as painful as this may be for me, it would be worse if my association with the show were to be a distraction from the Academy and the high ideals it represents."

Twitter and Facebook were flooded with a slew of reactions after THR broke the news. Many people expressed strong opinions about Ratner's departure, with many making quips at the director's expense and yet others criticizing the Academy for bowing to pressure. Among the reactions:

Tim Carvell
Not surprised the Oscars ousted Brett Ratner; a little surprised that, as his replacement, they went with Lars Von Trier [another director who has been in hot water in recent months thanks to controversial statements]

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Scott Weinberg

Brett Ratner is 42 years old. He just learned TODAY that words can hurt

Brett Ratner obviously didn't want to produce the oscars, he was just ruining it one interview at a time.

The Sleepy Skunk
Soooooooo does that mean that Tower Heist is not gonna be nominated for Best Picture?

Ray Curenton
And just like that, Brett Ratner is no longer producing the Oscars this year. Lesson: watch your bigotry

And that, Brett Ratner, is why things should be rehearsed.

Marcelo Paradella
Brett Ratner did not understand the words that have come through his mouth

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Jason Boland
While he's at it, Brett Ratner should apologize for Tower Heist and Rush Hour 3.

Tracy Garza
Buh-bye, homophobe!

Chris J. Allan
After his idiotic and homophobic comments I'm glad to hear that Brett Ratner isn't directing next years Oscar ceremony any more.

Sean O'Connell
The Brett Ratner Oscar Experiment was a spectacular flame out. Swift. Merciless. And completely self-inflicted. It was impressive to watch.

Cory Beaudoin
Brett Ratner out as Oscar producer. 1/2 of me is glad he took responsibility for his words, but 1/2 of me wishes people would just RELAX

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Jody Stapley
Wow! Zero tolerance on stupidity and insensitivity! Kudos!

Aaron Fullerton
Brett Ratner ousted as Oscar producer. In related news, Oscars will be rehearsed this year.

Awesome! Brett Ratner is no longer the producer of the next Oscars show! Good riddance! But who's gonna replace him now?

Sam Caddick
Brett Ratner appears to be fashioning himself into some sort of idol of all my repulsions.

Zachary Zahos
Yes, Brett Ratner no longer producing the next Oscars. With all this buzz on the show itself, you'd hope they actually put up a good one now

Matthew Kreutzer
What horrible judgment this guy has! Brett Ratner Out as Oscar Show Producer

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Monique Jones
Wow, this was quick....

Oscar Raymundo
Brett Ratner resigns as producer of the Academy Awards for being vulgar/ offensive? How about resigning for being an awful director period?

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Maury A
Brett Ratner resigned from producing the Academy Awards. Now all we need is for the Academy to fire Eddie Murphy.

John E. Warren
That's interesting and everything, but all one has to do to really take Brett Ratner down a peg is have him read his filmography out loud.

Jonah Keel
Wait, so there IS sometimes justice in the world?

Craig Kennedy
Your Oscar telecast will now be 100% Ratner free. Now if he'd just step down from making movies

Luiserghio Mejia
Oh, Brett Ratner resigns as producer ! This is the smartest thing he has done in a while.

Now Brett Ratner is free to pursue the job he *really* wanted, which is to produce the Tonys.

John Wie
Some things work out for he best

Mahogany J. Slide
Brett Ratner is no longer in charge of the 2012 Oscar Ceremony. Surprise surprise. We all should have taken bets on how long the he'd last.

Joanna Robinson
WOOOOO. Brett Ratner resigns. Can we send back Eddie Murphy too?

For a seemingly bright guy, Brett Ratner is unbelievably stupid, or just full of himself. The Howard Stern stuff was waaaay TMI. Euuu.

Bill Kuchman
Now that Brett Ratner is out as Oscar producer, I'm assuming the Academy will bring in Uwe Boll, right?

Robin S Fletcher
He is a Hollywood "bad boy" after all. We have encouraged it in the past. The Oscars are very conservative. He should have been a little more responsible and restrained himself...

Linda Staack Edwards
When are "celebrities" going to learn to just shut up and do their jobs? No one cares what your pea sized brains think!

Beth Hodge
What a rude thing to say& OFFENSIVE 🙁 Glad he's OUT!!! & I don't mean outa tha closet

Terrie Lake
No, I don't agree with their decision and will now Boycott! They must be weak-minded to give in to such immature pressure. Keep submitting to the demands of the perverse...and lose your freedoms. Give me liberty!

Thomas Levesque
brett is a great director. as long as he's not out of directing films. it's cool.

Guy Lodge
Brett Ratner should hook up with [previous Oscar co-hosts] Anne Hathaway and James Franco to stage a killer Sci-Tech Awards ceremony.

Abbe Buck, referencing Murphy's character in the Shrek films:
Oh! Where does that leave Donkey?