Brian Grazer Reveals His Go-To Power Lunch Spot

THR Power Lunch Group Shot - H 2015
Austin Hargrave

THR Power Lunch Group Shot - H 2015

And he's not the only one: CAA's Kevin Huvane, 'Selma' producer Dede Gardner and 'Whiplash' producer Jason Blum also frequent this industry favorite.

When CAA managing partner Kevin Huvane moved to L.A., he recalls, "all of the agents at CAA went to The Palm." Opened in West Hollywood in 1975, its walls soon festooned with a staggering 2,300 caricatures of everyone from Groucho Marx to Jack Nicholson, The Palm (No. 11) became an industry canteen. "It was reliable — it felt safe," says Oscar-nominated Selma producer Dede Gardner. But lately, "we had lost our footing," admits Palm Restaurant Group executive vp Bruce Bozzi Jr.

A move in November to an airier room on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills (Gersh, UTA and WME are nearby) plus selective preservation of the original's DNA (a framed Nicholson caricature from the West Hollywood spot) have reaffirmed The Palm's industry bona fides, which stretch back to the New Hollywood nexus of the '70s, when Francis Ford Coppola and Steven Spielberg were regulars.

"I like to come here now because you know so many people," says producer Jason Blum, an Oscar nominee for Whiplash. Adds Imagine Entertainment's Brian Grazer: "In Hollywood, we're all focused on a narrative, and the narrative is about celebrating the romance of the reason we're here, which is doing great movies or television. Within that ethos, there are restaurants that ignite those memories. The old Spago was one of those, and this is one — and Bruce brought that to life again."