Brian Tyree Henry of 'Atlanta' on Political Climate: "There's Going to Be Some S— to Write About" | Comedy Actor Roundtable

"It's better if we don't apologize for it. Someone is going to relate to what I say," the actor told THR.

"I think it's actually really good that we have this break, because we do need to see where the world is going to go," Atlanta actor Brian Tyree Henry told The Hollywood Reporter during the Comedy Actor Roundtable. Atlanta is currently on a writing hiatus. "We just want to be in the present and what our universe has become."

Henry also shared his own experiences with racial profiling, one in particular while driving to the Atlanta set in Atlanta. "I was like, 'Who's got me when I get pulled over, because I am going to get profiled.'

That morning he was driving to set at 8 a.m. and was followed by an officer who then pulled him over. Henry asked the officer for directions to set, while the officer went on to ask if he had any weapons in the car. "At eight in the morning? No."

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