Brian Williams' Arab Spring Story Scrutinized During NBC News Review (Report)


An ongoing NBC News review includes a story recounted by Williams of an incident in Egypt's Tahrir Square in 2011.

A new Brian Williams story has emerged as the latest possibly embellished anecdote by the suspended anchor. 

An ongoing NBC News investigation includes a review of a story recounted by Williams of an incident in Egypt's Tahrir Square in 2011, The New York Times reported on Friday, citing unnamed sources.

The Nightly News anchor told Jon Stewart during a Daily Show interview an apparently more detailed and seemingly dramatic version of "clashes between protesters seeking the overthrow of the Egyptian government, and a pro-government group on horses and camels" than what was recounted in an NBC News report, according to the Times

The particular comments that are under review weren't noted in the paper's report. However the incident described in the paper recalls the now infamous anecdote of Williams telling a dramatic version of events of an Iraq helicopter story in an entertainment venue. 

The 2003 Iraq chopper anecdote, the story that led to his six month suspension, was dramatically told to David Letterman in an interview in 2013, where he falsely claimed his chopper was fired upon. 

For two and a half months, an NBC News internal investigation has been reviewing the anchor's stories after he was suspended on Feb. 10. According to the Times report, the review "is not finished and no final conclusions have been reached."