Brian Williams And Jon Stewart Talk Socks, Halloween and Protests on First 'Rock Center' Show

Brian Williams

"When thing's ready for air and they put you at your real time slot, I think it's gonna be bang-zoom," joked the Comedy Central host of Williams first episode of the NBC program Monday night.

Brian Williams debuted his weekly NBC newsmagazine program, Rock Center on Monday night

And while viewership for the inaugural show was low, the anchor did start his run with a well-liked guest: The Daily Show's Jon Stewart

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Sitting in Rock Center's "Conversation Pit" the pair discussed a wide range of topics, including their preference on sock length, the set's decor, warm beer and also celebrating Halloween in New York City. 

"I'm a 48-year old man, I have enough candy," Stewart joked when Williams asked if he went out trick-or-treating on Halloween. 

"Are we really doing this? We had a guy just talking about anchor babies, about Syria, about emerging technologies in North Korea and you and i are gonna talk fun-size candy?" He quipped mid-way through the interview referring to Williams' first guest, Richard Engel

They did eventually get to serious topics, discussing the Occupy Wall Street movement, which turned into a bit of a heated debate on the issue. 

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Williams asked the Comedy Central host if he believed the country was entering an "permanent era of protest here, semi-permanet for the next couple months, years? When does it end?"

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"When did it stop," Stewart replied citing the Tea Party as a prior example. 

"Oh this wasn't our society. We were kind of cruising along at 50 thousand feet. You didn't see public demonstrations like this," Williams responded. 

To which Stewart, a little heatedly replied, "You're a news man! Go back to the Iraq war, there were a million people in the streets. Do you have tape here? Do you have Tivo?" 

Watch the interview here