'The Bride' Leads Spain's Goya Award Nominations

San Sebastian Still: The Bride - H 2015
Courtesy of San Sebastian International Film Festival

Penelope Cruz, Juliette Binoche and Tim Robbins snag acting kudos for roles in Spanish films.

The love triangle depicted in Paula Ortiz’s The Bride — a film version of Federico Garcia Lorca’s play Blood Wedding — is the favorite for the 30th Goya Awards ceremony, having landed 12 nominations on Monday for the prestigious awards handed out by the Spanish Film Academy.

The Bride will compete against Berlinale opener Isabel Coixet’s Nobody Wants the Night, Fernando Leon’s Director’s Fortnight entry A Perfect DayDaniel Guzman’s Nothing in Return and Cesc Gay’s Truman for the top honors of best film and best director — with the exception of Guzman, who did not make the cut in the best helmer category but is in the running for the new director category, as Nothing is his feature debut.

But it is perhaps the acting categories that lend the most international appeal. Penelope Cruz  (Ma Ma) will face off against Juliette Binoche  (Nobody Wants the Night) in the four contender-strong best actress category, rounded out by Spain’s up-and-coming Inma Cuesta (The Bride), who has been nominated twice before for the same category, and Natalia de Molina (Techo y Comida).

The best lead actor category sees Argentina’s preferred leading man Ricardo Darin (Truman) set to vie against Spanish veteran Luis Tosar (Retribution), Asier Etxeandia (The Bride) and Pedro Casablanc (B). A Perfect Day’s Benecio del Toro was overlooked.

Nonetheless, Perfect Day co-star Tim Robbins snagged a nom in the best supporting actor category, along with Truman’s Javier Camara, B’s Manolo Solo and Nothing's Felipe Garcia Velez.

Leon — long a favorite with critics — said he was pleased with the eight nominations for his film.

“Getting off the plane, just back from the Havana Film Festival, I got worried because I had 70 messages in my cell phone,” said the filmmaker. “That’s until I realized it was for eight beautiful nominations. It’s the best homecoming to Spain I can ever remember.”

A Spanish Affair 2, the year’s top-grossing film and the sequel to last year’s top-grossing movie, didn’t receive any mentions.

Even so, the most talked about detail was the fact that in a male-dominated industry, two women directors will compete in the top categories.

“And that’s how it should be, because half of the population in Spain is female,” Ortiz told journalists after the nominations were read at the academy’s headquarters in Madrid.

The gala awards ceremony is set to take place Feb. 6 with Spanish Affair’s lead actor Dani Rovira hosting as he did to unanimous applause last year.

A full list of nominations follows:


Nothing in Return

The Bride

Nobody Wants the Night


A Perfect Day



Paula Ortiz, The Bride

Isabel Coixet, Nobody Wants the Night

Cesc Gay, Truman

Fernando Leon de Aranoa, A Perfect Day


New Director

Daniel Guzman, Nothing in Return

Dani de la Torre, Retribution

Leticia Dolera, Requisitos para ser una persona normal

Juan Miguel del Castillo, Techo y comida


Original Screenplay

Daniel Guzman, Nothing in Return

Alberto Marini, Retribution

Borja Cobeaga, Negotiator

Cesc Gay and Tomas Aragay, Truman


Adapted Screenplay

David Ilundain, B

Agusti Villaronga, El rey de la Habana

Javier Garcia Arredondo and Paula Ortiz, The Bride

Fernando Leon de Aranoa, A Perfect Day


Original Score

Santi Vega, El teatro de mas alla. Chavin de Huantar

Shigeru Umebayashi, The Bride

Alberto Iglesias, Ma Ma

Lucas Vidal, Nobody Wants the Night


Original Song

“So Far and Yet so Close”  by Antonio Meliveo for El Pais del Miedo

“Como me mata el tiempo” by Luis Ivars for Matar el tiempo

“Palmares en la nieve” by Lucas Vidal and Pablo Alboran for Palmares en la nieve

“Techo y comida” by Daniel Quinones Perulero and Miguel Carabante Manzano for Techo y comida.


Lead Actor

Pedro Casablanc, B

Luis Tosar, Retribution

Asier Etxeandia, The Bride

Ricardo Darin, Truman


Lead Actress

Inma Cuesta, The Bride

Penelope Cruz, Ma Ma

Juliette Binoche, Nobody Wants the Night

Natalia de Molina, Techo y Comida


Supporting Actor

Felipe Garcia Velez, Nothing in Return

Manolo Solo, B

Javier Camara, Truman

Tim Robbins, A Perfect Day


Supporting Actress

Elvira Minguez, Retribution

Marian Alvarez, Felices 140

Nora Navas, Felices 140

Luisa Gavasa, The Bride


New Actor

Miguel Herran, Nothing in Return

Fernando Colomo, Isla Bonita

Alex Garcia, The Bride

Manuel Burque, Requisitos para ser una persona normal


New Actress

Antonia Guzman, Nothing in Return

Iraia Elias, Amama

Yordanka Ariosa, El rey de La Habana

Irene Escolar, Un otoño sin Berlin


Production Design

Carla Perez de Albeniz, Retribution

Andres Santana and Marta Miro, Nobody Wants the Night

Toni Novella, Palmares en la Nieve

Luis Fernandez Lago, A Perfect Day



Josep Maria Civit, El rey de La Habana

Miguel Angel Amoedo, The Bride

Jean Claude Larrieu, Nobody Wants the Night



Jorge Coira, Retribution

David Gallart, Requisitos para ser una Persona Normal

Pablo Barbieri, Truman

Nacho Ruiz Capillas, A Perfect Day


Artistic Director

Jesus Bosqued Mate and Pilar Quintana, The  Bride

Arturo Garcia and Jose Luis Arrizabalaga, My Great Night

Alain Bainee, Nobody Wants the Night

Anton Laguna, Palmares en la Nieve



Paola Torres, Mi Gran Noche

Clara Bilbao, Nobody Wants the Night

Loles Garcia Galean, Palmares en la Nieve

Fernando Garcia, A Perfect Day


Makeup and Hair

Esther Guillem and Pilar Guillem, The Bride

Ana Lozano, Rito Dellibarda and Massimo Gattabrusi, Ma Ma

Pablo Perona, Paco Rodriguez and Sylvie Imbert, Nobody Wants the Night

Alicia Lopez, Karmele Soler, Manolo Garcia and Pedro de Diego, Palmares en la Nieve



Marc Orts, Oriol Tarrago and Sergio Burmann, Anacleto, Secret Agent

David Machado, Jaime Fernandez and Nacho Arenas, Retribution

Clemens Grulich, Cesar Molina, Nacho Arenas, The Bride

David Rodriquez, Nicolas de Poulpiquet and Sergio Burmann, My Great Night


Special Effects

Lluis Castells and Lluis Rivera, Anacleto, Secreto Agent

Isidro Jimenez and Pau Costa, Retribution

Curro Munoz and Juan Ramon Molina, My Great Night

Curro Munoz and Reyes Abades, Tiempo sin Aire


Animated Film

Capture the Flag


Noche de Paz

Yoko and Friends


Documentary Film

Chicas Nuevas 24 Horas

I Am Your Father

Suenos de Sal

The Propaganda Game


Ibero-American Film

El Clan, Pablo Trapero (Argentina)

La Once, Maite Alberdi (Chile)

Magallanes, Salvador del Solar (Peru)

Vestido de Novia, Marilyn Solana (Cuba)


European Film

On the Way to School, Pascal Plisson (France)

Leviatan, Andrei Zvyagintsev (France)

Macbeth, Justin Kurzel (Russia)

Mustang, Deniz Gamze Erguven (UK)


Fiction Short Film

Cordelias, Gracia Querejeta

El Corredor, Jose Luis Montesinos

El Trueno Rojo, Alvaro Ron

Inside the Box, David Martin-Porras


Animated Short

Alike, Daniel Martinez Lara and Rafael Cano Mendez

Honorio. Dos minutes de sol, Francosco Ramirez Villaverde and Francisco Gisbert Pico

La noche del Oceano, Maria Lorenzo Hernandez

Victimas de Guernica, Ferran Caum


Documentary Short

Hijos de la Tierra, Alex O’Mill Tubau and Ptxi Uriz Domezain

Regreso a la Alcarria, Tomas Cimadevilla

Venatas, Pilar Garcia Elegido

Viento de Atunes, Alfonso O’Donnell


Honorary Goya

Mariano Ozores