Brie Larson Launches YouTube Channel as She Recalls Making Movies in Her Garage

Brie Larson attends the Los Angeles World Premiere of Marvel Studios' "Captain Marvel" - Getty- H 2019
Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

The 'Captain Marvel' star made her debut Thursday with a video explaining why she decided to join the platform that also features her mother, grandmother, Lilly Singh, Connor Franta and other online personalities.

Brie Larson may have already made her mark on the silver screen with her work in titles including Captain Marvel and Room, but the Oscar-winning actress is now ready to explore a new medium. 

With a video full of bloopers, giggles, awkward zoom-ins and short interviews, Larson launched her very own YouTube channel Thursday. The actress said that she decided to join the video platform because it's where she has learned so much, from using her printer to how to be a considerate activist.

"This is the place to talk about things that are important and that matter," she said. "It doesn't mean that there isn't also silly content, that there's ways for me to express myself personally, but there will also be deep conversations, anti-racist rhetoric, inclusive content."

The actress' YouTube launch comes after stars including John Krasinski have taken to the video platform during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Krasinski's Some Good News, which sold to ViacomCBS in May, highlighted uplifting stories from fans and followers. 

Larson's first video, titled "So I Made a Decision …",  featured short interview clips with a number of YouTube stars. The first clip sees Larson with Justine Ezarik learning how to use the platform and struggling to find the record button. Hot Ones host Sean Evans, Swoozie, Lilly Singh, Connor Franta and Michelle Khare are some of the other YouTube personalities with whom Larson chats. 

She asks them for advice on how to be a successful YouTube personality and how to come up with new ideas. Her guests suggest talking about feelings, creating entertaining sketches, redesigning rooms, directing short films and, overall, just starting with content that interests the actress. 

"Cooking's very popular on YouTube," Larson's mother chimes in. 

Throughout the video, Larson talks to her guests about potential collaborations including one on Fortnite with Singh and an Animal Crossing: New Horizons get-together with Ezarik. 

"I used to make movies in my garage as a kid every summer; it's not dissimilar to what I'm doing right now," Larson tells Evans. "I'm back to the beginning. I feel like I'm 15 again, which is pretty cool."

Larson concluded her video by highlighting Black creators and artists including Mj Rodriguez, Janet Mock and Tessa Thompson and asked her viewers to check out their work and social media pages. 

The Captain Marvel star also noted that despite the advice and encouragement she received from the YouTubers, she's still feeling a mix of excited and nervous about launching her channel. 

"I'm feeling nervous. I think that we're on a train here and we're going," she said. 

Watch Larson's first YouTube video below.