Brightcove, AOL team for Net vid sales


NEW YORK -- AOL and Internet television site Brightcove launched a distribution service Monday in which video publishers can sell downloads through AOL Video and receive as much as 70% of the revenue generated from the sales.

Publishers wishing to distribute their work through the service can upload their videos on Brightcove and then choose distribution options with AOL Video and In addition, the videos will be archived in the AOL Video Search engine.

"The high-quality and imaginative content from both large and small producers is a great complement to our growing video library," AOL executive vp Kevin Conroy said.

AOL and Brightcove added that they might introduce ad-supported syndication and video rentals to the service in the coming months.

Also on Monday, Brightcove unveiled the Brightcove Network, a service allowing video publishers to launch their own Internet video channels. Using this option, auteurs can syndicate their sites and receive as much as 70% of the sale price for each download and 50% of the revenue generated from the ads Brightcove will run on the site.

Last week, Brightcove announced a deal with Warner Music Group in which the label will use Brightcove technology to monetize their artists' videos on their sites and other pages.

"In the last six months we've seen explosive growth in the online video market, especially in consumer sharing," Brightcove chairman and CEO Jeremy Allaire said. "But this is only the beginning of the Internet TV era."