Bristol Palin's Confrontation with 'Homosexual' Turns Ugly During Reality Show Taping (Video)

Bristol Palin - Good Morning America - 2011
Ida Mae Astute/ABC

In a caught-on-tape altercation bound to go viral, the reality TV star and a production crew get into it with a patron at a West Hollywood bar.

If an altercation in West Hollywood on Thursday is an accurate indication of what Bristol Palin’s private life is like, her upcoming reality TV show on the Bio channel could be heavily bleeped.

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Palin was at Saddle Ranch bar and restaurant -- with a cameraman and other production staff -- riding a mechanical bull. After falling off, she made a beeline to a 47-year-old man who had been shouting obscenities at her.

“Did you ride Levi like that?” the man had shouted.

“Your mother’s a whore,” he said, referring to former vp candidate Sarah Palin.

As 20-year-old Bristol Palin got in the man’s face, he informed her: “Your mother’s a fucking devil.”

“What did she do wrong?” Palin asked.

“She lives. She breathes,” the man answered.

“You want her dead?” she asks.

“If there was a hell -- which I don’t believe there is one -- she will be there,” the man says.

Still attempting to get the source of the man’s displeasure, Palin asks: “Is it because you’re a homosexual?”

“Pretty much,” he says.

Just before Palin leaves with her camera crew, the man calls her “white trash” and a “fucking bitch.” (video below).

Beyond confirming that Palin and the production crew were there filming a segment for the upcoming reality TV show, a spokesman for A&E, parent of the Bio channel, had no comment.

Editors note: The following video contains graphic language.