Bristol Palin's Altercation With Talent Manager Sparks Heated Debate

Stephen Hanks unleashed a series of obscenities on the 20-year-old, before the reality TV star questioned whether he hated mom Sarah Palin because he's a "homosexual."

Bristol Palin is at the center of yet another media frenzy, after video surfaced of a bar altercation involving a 47-year-old Hollywood talent manager.

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Stephen Hanks has come under fire for attacking Palin at Saddle Ranch, a West Hollywood bar, where the 20-year-old was riding a mechanical bull. A production crew from A&E was on the scene, filming a segment for Palin's upcoming reality show.

"Did you ride Levi like that," Hanks shouted.

"Your mother's a whore," he continued, referring to former vp candidate Sarah Palin. "If there were a hell -- which I don't believe there is one -- she will be there."

"Is it because you're a homosexual?" Palin retorted.

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Derogatory comments from both parties have sparked heated debate online among THR readers.

"This guy is despicable. How about brushing up on your political insults before you decide to confront the 20-something year old DAUGHTER of a former vice-presidential candidate. It would have been helpful had you had at least one example. JUST ONE. I hope you get fired from your job for this and I can't wait to see you ridiculed across the internet for your pathetic and public display of idiocy," wrote Cn3909.

"I tire of people like this uber turd trying to gain his liberal stripes by badmouthing the Palins.  I am no fan of the Palins, but they really don't deserve the ugliness hurled at them on any given day.  If he badmouthed (insert liberal icon here), Hollywood would have his backside shipped to Fire Island immediately," added Jim Henson

"He's disgusting? No...not really.  She is disgusting, and he's calling her out on it.  She does NOT belong in my state, my city, or my neighborhood and whoever this guy is did me and the rest of West Hollywood by pointing it out.  At least he wasn't violent, with a gun, as Bristol Palin's mother is and advocates," countered Eileen

"She really didn't deserve that treatment! :o(," noted Facebook user Kathy-Horizon Winfield-Sheely.

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"LOL he's an agent? That explains EVERYTHING. I don't think it makes a difference whether her mother is Obama or Palin. I condemn what he said, it was wrong and rude - she can't help who her mother is and crazy people and their families should not be provoked! I hope his clients dump him too, shameful behaviour from someone who bats for the same team. #facepalm," zinged Chaz Harris

"Wow. Well I don't like the Palins either but he acted like a freaking raging lunatic. What an embarrassment!" said Leigh Lewallen

"So this single mother decided to hang out in a bar and ride it up on a mechanical bull....Yeah, that sounds like Palin Family Values," quipped an anonymous commenter.

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"Boo f***ing hoo. All of these crybaby Hollywood conservatives are more than welcome to set up shop and produce content in Oklahoma, the only state where all 77 counties went for McCain/Palin and where I constantly get shit for the Obama bumper sticker on my car. Instead of crying their crocodile tears on the beach into the Pacific they can come help fill up our drought-stricken lakes," wrote Brian Winkeler.

"Kinda odd the Palins don't like gays but they LOVE illegitimate kids," pondered WasillaHillbilly

"The man is sick. The hatred and vile language coming from him and other Hollywood liberals is sickening. Thankfully, I don't work with too many of these kinds of fools," said Porter Versfelt III

"Wish I was there! HAhahaha! The Obama daughters do not have a reality show and NEVER WILL. They have too much class and intelligence," Glory proclaimed.

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Hanks later opened up about the altercation, claiming "I just don't like that family. I think she proved who she was last night."

"I was just there being me," he added. "I'm very passionate about politics. I'm passionate about this country and I'm passionate that these people are very dangerous."

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