Britain ends ban on embedding ITN reporters


LONDON -- Britain's defense ministry has ended its ban on the embedding of Independent Television News reporters with British troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and other conflict zones, the broadcaster said late Friday.

The decision ends a 10-day dispute between the ministry and ITN over a series of news reports for ITV about the treatment of wounded soldiers returning to the UK.

Britain's biggest commercial news organization, which supplies news to ITV and Channel 4 in the U.K, said it will reconsider some aspects of the reports as part of the agreement.

ITN said it acknowledged that the defense ministry has "continuing concerns about the tone of the reports," and said it will "review the way the reports were presented," according to a statement from ITN chief executive Mark Wood.

"ITN has today been given assurances by the Ministry of Defense that there are no further restrictions on access by ITN journalists to embedded reporting (privileges) to cover British military operations in Afghanistan and other conflict zones," Wood said.

"ITN has given reassurances to the MoD that it will always report in a fair and accurate manner," he added. "We are delighted to have reached agreement with the MoD so we can all move on. We aim to provide the best possible coverage of the activities of Britain's frontline forces for the benefit of the viewing public. We can all now concentrate on achieving that."