How Britain's Ambitious 'Batman Live' Will Be Different From Broadway's 'Spider-Man'

Jacob Cohl
"Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark"

Both comic book-themed productions are scheduled to open this year.

An ambitious, special effects-filled theater production based on a popular comic book character is set to debut in the coming months.

No, it's not Broadway's problem-plagued Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, but Britain's Batman Live.

While both productions will be filled with acrobatics, villains, stuntmen and special effects, Batman Live aims to be different in several ways.

For starters, Batman Live will be performed in the U.K.'s biggest and grandest arenas rather than in a theater, according to the nation's Telegraph newspaper.

In fact, the show will travel to different cities, and ticket prices will be relatively cheaper than, say, a West End production.

After premiering in Manchester in July, Batman Live will visit nine cities in Great Britain and Ireland. That means the show will be seen by half a million Britons before moving to Europe in October, the Telegraph reports.

By contrast, Spider-Man -- at $65 million, Broadway's most expensive production ever -- will remain in New York, where it needs to make $1 million a week, running at capacity for two to three years, to break even.

So far, Batman Live, despite its grand scale, hasn’t seen any of the major problems that have plagued Spider-Man, including technical glitches, performer injuries and an opening-night delay.

Just this week, Spider-Man producers named a new lead actress -- T.V. Carpio -- following Natalie Mendoza's decision to drop out after suffering a concussion. 

Meanwhile, star Christopher Tierney continues to recover from a 30-foot fall.


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