'Britain's Got Talent': Jennifer Lopez Sparks Outrage With Raunchy Performance (Video)


Simon Cowell praises the singer's "Live It Up" act, but some viewers complain about her skimpy outfit, calling it "inappropriate" for a family show.

Jennifer Lopez gave the audience of Simon Cowell’s Britain's Got Talent quite an eyeful -- and, in some viewers' cases, something to complain about -- Tuesday night as she performed her new single "Live It Up" on the ITV show.

J-Lo appeared on stage wearing a black leotard and thigh-high boots during the latest live episode of the talent show. Within moments, Twitter and online forums were filled with comments from viewers who complained about her "inappropriate" outfit.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "Think I have seen a little too much of Jennifer Lopez -- meant to be a family show? #inappropriate #bgt." Another one said: "#BGT does #jenniferlopez realize it's a family show -- only thing missing was the pole - cover up your cheeks please!"

But Cowell was full of praise for her performance. “Seriously, J-Lo. If anyone wants to know how you do it -- that's how you do it," he said on the show. “Seriously, world-class.”

By midday Wednesday, British TV regulator Ofcom received complaints from viewers who were unhappy to see a raunchy performance on a family show, according to London's Evening Standard.

An Ofcom representative said: “Ofcom can confirm that it has received complaints about the Britain’s Got Talent broadcast last night, which we are assessing, but not currently investigating.”