British Censor to Look at Sexual Violence Levels in Movies

The BBFC will publish a study on the hot topic to find out where U.K. public opinion lies on what is acceptable.

LONDON –  A major study into depictions of sadistic, sexual and sexualized violence, mainly against women is being drawn up by the British Board of Film Classification.

The British censor will conduct wide-ranging research into one of the most contentious areas of movie content "to determine what the British public today believes is potentially harmful and therefore unacceptable for classification."

The BBFC intervened and insisted on cuts being made to The Human Centipede 2 before issuing a certificate and refused to certify The Bunny Game for release completely "because of the harm risk both works posed" from their content.

The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) portrayed a man achieving sexual gratification from stapling together victims to form a human centipede which culminates in him raping a woman with barbed wire while The Bunny Game detailed the story of a  truck driver who abducts, strips and sexually abuses and tortures a prostitute.

The BBFC said its latest research will be completed in 2012 and the BBFC "will publish it in the usual way, not least because it might be helpful to other regulators."

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